Cashmere Blanket 80x100 Gray

Extremely cozy blanket that combines the highest quality of wool, such as cashmere, merino wool and angora.

Kashmir, the most expensive wool in the world, gives blankets smoothness and softness.

The admixture of merino wool blankets makes it ideal for autumn and winter period because it is a breathable fabric, not biting, with thermal insulation. In addition, it is antibacterial and perfectly absorbs water, holding it away from your body.

Angora, made of angora rabbit wool is extremely soft and supple.

You can easily recognize Effii knitted blankets by it's amazing 100% geniuine leather tag.

Effii products are an excellent gift option.

  • size 80x100

  • amazing, modern gray wool mix


  • Composition: 15% cashmere, 65% merino wool, angora & viscoze blend, 20% polyamide



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