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Bamboo swaddle Effiki 150x150 dusty pink - roe dear

Bamboo swaddle Effiki 150x150 dusty pink - roe dear

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Delicate as silk Bamboo Collection - 100% Bamboo

This hypoallergenic and natural fabric made entirely of bamboo impresses with its satiny smoothness from the very first touch. All thanks to the shape of the fibers, which makes the material extremely light and soft ... perfect for babies.

It is worth mentioning a few unusual properties of bamboo:


During growth, a bamboo tree produces a substance that protects it against pathogens, so no pesticides are used in its cultivation. This value makes bamboo fabrics recommended by Polish specialists for use in the case of sensitive, atopic and prone to irritation skin.


Another fantastic feature of bamboo keeps bamboo fabrics from collecting dust or mites. That is why they are absolutely unrivaled for premature babies and small allergy sufferers.


This is another attribute. Thanks to its microstructure, the material is flexible, airy and provides exceptional moisture absorption. In summer, it effectively removes sweat from the baby's skin, giving it a feeling of coolness, and on cool and cold days it insulates.

Made in Poland

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