Hello World!

Effiki is a Polish label offering a range of children textile products. When Effiki was launched in 2010 inspiration was life-changing experience of working with the Italian Frette and the birth od our children. We strongly believe in children products that are beautiful, smart and created to last. To achieve that Effiki uses only highest quality natural textiles. All products are conform with the Oeko-Tex standard and have appropriate EU certification. In a world in which our children are overwhelmed by stimuli our designs promote mainly pastel, balanced colours.

In March 2017 in our workshop we designed our first mascot bunny named Effiki. He’s is the love of the first sign for so many our customers worldwide.  We are happy and proud that Effiki has grown just as our customers have. In Poland we are an established brand and are partnering with leading stores in the business. And a growing number of customers in Europe, Asia and even USA have the opportunity to enjoy our products.

We would like to thank our customers for their trust and encouragement to do more. Being there for your loved ones is our greatest reward. If you want to work with Effiki, please let us know.