Dear Santa….Christmas countdown

There is no doubt that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for all kids. Above all December is the time of preparations but also waiting for Santa to come. If your toddler wrote a letter to Santa, you exactly know what to buy. However, if not, then we come with a little help by presenting the gift inspirations. Every day we will show you products at exceptional discount 24% off. We hope that it makes Christmas countdown more enjoyable.

December 6th. 18 days left until Christmas

Our swaddle blankets are great for many reasons. Firstly, they’re not only soft as a mother’s touch but also breathable, designed to last and versatile. For instance, you can use one for countless other baby tasks: stroller cover, nursing cover, on-the-go changing mat, tummy time spot on the floor, emergency burp cloth. Undoubtedly our swaddle blankets surround your little one in comfy goodness round the clock. Moreover the high-quality muslin and bamboo cotton can last countless washes. Besides, they are durable enough to withstand even the most awkward stains.

December 5th. 19 days left until Christmas

Our little Doudou makes the perfect newborn gift as it grow with baby taking on more character as baby’s imagination and understanding develop, it becomes more that just a comfort object, it becomes their best friend along life’s’ great, new adventures.

Sleep with doudou while pregnant to transfer your ‘mama scent’ so baby recognises the familiar smell. Then start using it as part of babies bedtime routine by letting baby cuddle with it while you feed, read or sing before bed.

December 4th. 20 days left until Christmas

Effik Lavender Sleepyhead is a unique soft toy smelling with calming lavender and a natural and safe sleep aid for babies at the same time. It was designed having in mind the peaceful sleep of babies and the well-being of their mothers.

Effik Lavender Sleepyhead has a velcro closure pocket on his belly and a tiny velvet heart filled with a lavender fragrance. It can be taken out and thanks to ribbons hung on a cot or a pram while strolling outside.

December 3rd. 21 days left until Christmas

Whether children are heading to daycare, preschool or camp, they’ll need a pack to carry supplies, snacks and toys. Our backpacks are the right size for their smaller frames, durable and easy to care for, and also let them show a bit of their own personality with colours and prints. 

The shoulder straps and an extra belt strap are specifically tailored to the back of a small child. Thanks to reflective trims on the front and back children are always seen by drivers even in poor light conditions.

December 2nd. 22 days left until Christmas

Effik Bunny is a beloved children’s friend and is great both for fun and as a confident of the biggest children’s secrets. It loves to play at home and outside. Above all our Bunny soothes and helps to calm down when it’s bedtime. It is soft, nice and suitable for cuddle even for babies.

December 1st. 23 days left until Christmas

The gym bags and pencil cases are necessary accessories for every children. Perfect to accommodate everything they need – a change shoes, a pool towel or crayons and pencils. Colorful prints with Effik will definitely appeal to every child. In addition parents will enjoy the fact of high quality, capacity and reflective elements ensuring safety.

The best children bedding linen for the most comfortable sleep

Undoubtedly when putting a child to bed, we want to ensure a healthy, but above all safe sleep. A comfortable bed and mattress and your favorite cuddly toy are absolutely necessary. However, it is very important not only how many hours your child sleeps, but also on what and under what. That is why appropriate bedding linen and its filling are so important.

Hight quality bedding linen in beautiful colors and patterns.

Fresh and clean bedding linen

Who doesn’t love climbing into a freshly made bed at the end of a day? Kids, that’s who – so make bed time that little bit more healthy and comfortable. Therefore to take care of it, there are two seemingly prosaic tasks – washing and ironing.

100% sateen cotton×135 Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

Indeed children’s bedding is used quite often and attracts certain allergens like dust mites, dander, mold, and dust. That causes the need for frequent washing and changing to fresh and clean. Therefore, children’s bedding should be made of the highest quality fabrics. Choosing these certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is also a guarantee of the absence of harmful and nasty substances. After washing, the bedding linen need to be ironed with a hot iron – above all washed below sixty degrees – to get rid of bacteria and mites.

Duvets and pillows for children

When it comes to duvets and pillows, it is worth choosing hypoallergenic ones – both for allergy sufferers and for children who are not. Those kind of duvets and pillows are completely safe – they do not cause skin irritation, allergies. An additional advantage is that the baby’s skin breathes freely and does not sweat excessively.

Moreover, our duvets and pillows are suitable for washing at forty degrees. It is also worth ventilating them regularly to maintain the sleeping comfort of the child. Thanks to such a simple procedure, we limit the activity of mites, bacteria and viruses. If you ventilate in the cold, you can completely get rid of these microscopic size of arachnids. In turn, the lack of fresh air means that bacteria multiply quickly, causing allergies and diseases.

In conclusion when it comes to finding the best kids bedding for your little ones, comfort and color are key. However we also must remember to regularly wash and iron bedding. Only thanks to these treatments we get rid of bacteria and mites ensuring healthy, hygienic and comfortable sleep. By neglecting these important activities, we can lead to unwanted allergies and skin irritations that will cause discomfort to our children.

Natural sateen cotton is soft, breathable and suitable for sensitive baby skin.

Hello World!

Effiki is a Polish label offering a range of children textile products. When Effiki was launched in 2010 inspiration was life-changing experience of working with the Italian Frette and the birth od our children. We strongly believe in children products that are beautiful, smart and created to last. To achieve that Effiki uses only highest quality natural textiles. All products are conform with the Oeko-Tex standard and have appropriate EU certification. In a world in which our children are overwhelmed by stimuli our designs promote mainly pastel, balanced colours.

In March 2017 in our workshop we designed our first mascot bunny named Effiki. He’s is the love of the first sign for so many our customers worldwide.  We are happy and proud that Effiki has grown just as our customers have. In Poland we are an established brand and are partnering with leading stores in the business. And a growing number of customers in Europe, Asia and even USA have the opportunity to enjoy our products.

We would like to thank our customers for their trust and encouragement to do more. Being there for your loved ones is our greatest reward. If you want to work with Effiki, please let us know.